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Angel Juicer AG-10000 (20K-GS)

Angel Juicer AG-10000 (20K-GS)

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The Angel Juicer AG-10000 is also called the Angel 20K-GS. This commercial slow juicer is ideal for juice bars, hotels, kitchens and canteens.

This commercial Angel Juicer 20K-GS can process 20 kilos of carrots per hour into juice. The efficiency of the slow juicer is very high with a juice yield between 80 and 85%. In concrete terms, 20 kilos of fresh carrots yield 16 to 17 litres of juice.

The Angel Juicer AG-10000 runs at 95 rpm. The powerful way of pressing at this low speed makes the juice result so high and the nutrients are better retained in the juice. The juice pressed with an Angel Juicer is of very high quality.


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